Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Advice for College Students Getting Started on Twitter

Practically all of my marketing students have heard of Twitter, but only some use Twitter and even fewer understand how and why it is used. I'll address how and why it is used, especially from a marketing perspective, in my future blog posts. For now, Twitter is a social networking scheme based on short SMS (140 characters).
I've observed that the first "tweets" (what you write in Twitter) often say something along the lines of or "Just checking this thing out" or "I'm so confused" or "Is this anything like Facebook?"
To those who are just checking things out, welcome to your venture into Twitter. If you are not on Twitter, jump in and get your feet wet. If you don't like it you can always leave, but give it some time before you call it quits. You are also welcome to follow me on Twitter.
To help those who are confused, Barbara Nixon provides Valuable Tips for College Students Getting Started on Twitter. One of her most important tips is understanding that tweets can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection. Remember that the public nature of tweets can work in your favor or it can work against you.
To those wondering if Twitter is anything like Facebook?", there is a great article found at Twitter vs. Facebook that details the similarities and differences. I use Twitter and Facebook regularly, but I see two major differences between the two:
1. There is a lot less junk in Twitter (fewer ads, no games and quizzes).
2. It is perfectly acceptable in Twitter to follow someone without a prior friendship or business relationship. That's pretty cool when you think about it. Because of this model, I am welcome to follow famous people such as Steven Covey, Seth Godin, and Oprah Winfrey, as well as people I don't even know such as Belinda Ang, Channel Sales, and Internet Girl. You can even follow organizations, such as Google Research, The Martin Agency, and the James Madison University Alumni Association.
As always, I encourage you to comment on this blog post and you are welcome to follow me on Twitter. Please note that I am not a Twitter expert as I have been Twittering for only 8 months. Speaking of time, there is a cool tool called when did you join Twitter to find out when you created your account as well as when other people's Twitter accounts were created.

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  1. I'm thinking of using Twitter in classes this fall. Thanks for these links!