Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Marketing Bridge

In David Armano's piece on Use the Gifts You're Given, he emphasizes "You have to work with the gifts you're given." Every person has been given a unique set of gifts to either nurture or ignore. Nurturing those gifts can make all the difference in the world.
After pondering how I can make a difference in the world via my new blog, it quickly dawned one me that one of my gifts is the opportunity to share my passion for marketing and shape the minds of collegiate students. Yes, it is my job, but it certainly is an amazing gift!
Each year approximately 200+ students enroll in my marketing courses with the majority ultimately becoming members of the professional marketing community. Meaningful experiences with my students are possible because of various interactions with my marketing colleagues. I hold a very unique position on something I shall call "The Marketing Bridge" that connects collegiate students of marketing with young, and not some not so young, members of the academic and practitioner communities of marketing.
Eureka! I've discovered the focus of my blog much sooner than expected. I shall use this blog to link my students with issues facing the marketing community. Similarly, I hope this blog helps the marketing community understand the unique perspectives of today's collegiate marketing students. In the process, I also want to help everyone understand what is happening on the bridge as I believe that professors are sometimes misunderstood. I have so many wonderful ideas for my blog and I hope to help all of my readers.
For now, as I continue to experiment with my blog and develop a tighter focus, I shall brand my blog "The Marketing Bridge." Your thoughts and comments are most welcome.

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  1. I believe this sounds like a wonderful idea to make connections. You have already made many useful connections for me. Your suggestions to join LinkedIn and the Google Online Marketing Challenge have proved to be very useful, especially because of the knowledge I have gained from the challenge itself and the connections with Search Mojo and RKG.